Does Health Lead To Happiness?

Does health lead to happiness? I know that when I exercise, it releases endorphins in my brain that make me feel good about myself. I know that when I don’t exercise regularly, I don’t feel my best. I will share with you the experience of a journey that I am on now and whether or not it affects my happiness, as related to my health.

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Three years ago, weighing roughly 400 lbs, I decided that it was time to do something about it. I was heavy and getting heavier. I was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic. I was unhappy, I was going through a divorce and was not happy with the general direction of my life. I did not go on a diet, I went through a lifestyle change. At my weight, it had to be a lifestyle change; a diet means that it is, at some point, going to end. I knew that this never could. I eliminated sweets, fast food and most carbs from my daily eating habits. I now very rarely eat bread and when I do, it makes me feel tired. I began to exercise, something I had never attempted in my life. I took up walking and using a stationary bike. Because of all of these changes, the first 90 lbs came off very quickly.

I felt confident enough at this time to begin dating after my divorce. I even relocated myself and found a great new job. I made new friends, took up waltzing and contra-dancing and continued to lose weight. I also took up hiking, something I would have never attempted at a heavier weight. I began to take more care with my appearance; I color my hair and have it cut a little shorter than I used to. I am able to purchase some clothing in the regular women’s section of stores now instead of the plus sizes (where I have been shopping my entire life).

The weight does plateau from time to time; recently, I lost 10 lbs and was very excited! Since I started this journey, I have lost a grand total of 195 lbs. I can definitely say that I am happier and healthier. Men flirt with me and find me very attractive now. This is something that I am not used to but enjoy very much! I know that I will never be fashion model thin nor do I want to be; they just don’t look like healthy people. I do want to lose a little more, to be healthy and happy with myself, which is most important of all.

No matter what your health, what you weigh or what medical conditions you may or may not have, it is most important that you are happy with yourself. If you are happy with yourself it shows to others and reflects on the outside of you as well as the inside. Be happy with yourself and the rest will follow.

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