Some Techniques For Positive Thinking

Think about the happiest person you know – maybe it’s one of your co-workers, a friend, a family member. What is it that gives them that joy? Why are they always smiling? What is it that keeps their spirits up even when things around them are going wrong? I, like everyone else, have had my […]

How to Keep your Problems in Perspective

A few months ago, I lost my job. I was beyond devastated because I really liked the job and I thought it was my ticket to moving up to doing what I really wanted to do.  For the first month, I was depressed and cried a lot over this loss. I went through the usual […]

Does a Positive Attitude Change the World Around you?

Life is full of uncertainties. In the world, we see war, famine and crime. In our lives – stress, pressure and conflict. It may not always seem fair. Sometimes, it may seem to all be beyond our ability to control. Yet, the world is none other than what we have made it to be. How […]

Is There a Relationship Between Positive Thinking and Health?

The direct connection between mind and body is one that has eluded scientist and philosopher for millennia. Religious leaders and spiritual gurus have long espoused the idea that the mental affects the physical, and only by purifying the thought and spirit can one maintain a healthy body. It is readily apparent that there is some […]