How to Choose Healthy Snacks

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve made healthful eating choices such as healthy snacks throughout the day but ended up hitting the vending machine in the afternoon because you needed a snack before dinner? Or have you planned your meals wisely but not factored in snacks and ended up making poor snacking […]

My Favorite Recipe for Healthy Eating

If you want a delicious meal that costs less than $1 and becomes an actual health food, stay with me.  I have my bachelors in nursing and care about nutrition.  So, I created my own chicken soup recipe that has all the ingredients of super nutrition and tastes far superior to any brand of store […]

Healthy Foods To Eat On The Move

Unhealthy food is widely available which makes it hard to eat in a healthy manner. especially when you are on the move. It is a challenge to find healthy foods to eat on the move that are easily transportable, stay fresh, and do not need refrigeration. There are some obvious choices you can make if […]

My Healthy Meal Recipe for Children

Looking for some healthy meal recipe for children? I was too, until I discovered these recipes with my children in tow – in the kitchen! Let me tell you a bit of my story first. I started cooking with my kids from the time they were each three years old. It began with my oldest […]

Advice on Nutrition for Healthy Living

Health. We all want it, but struggle to obtain it. I’m here to tell you that health is not as hard to attain as you may believe. There are many ways of being and becoming healthy, but I will focus on the most common challenging area… diets. Now, the first thing that probably comes to […]