Health Tips For Office Workers

Many people work in office environments and it can be easy to slip into sedentary mode when working at a computer desk most of or all of the day. One thing that many office workers do not consider during their work hours is how to stay healthy. There are many ways to perk up your […]

Quick and Crucial Health Tips for the Office – Infographic

Solutions Office Interiors presents “Quick and Crucial Health Tips for the Office”. Helping business from around the United States with office furniture and design on a regular basis, we decided to create this infographic to provide office workers with quick and crucial health tips that need to be taken into account to live a healthier […]

Why Dieting is Not the Answer to Losing Weight

Many people struggle with their weight and turn to diets to try to lose their extra pounds. However, dieting does not provide the best way to lose excess weight and maintain a slimmer, healthier physique. Even if eliminating certain problem foods like sweets or high-fat items leads to temporary weight loss, most dieters end up […]

My Healthy Living Tips for Office Workers

Some ideas for when you are working These days, many people work more than forty hours a week. This tends to make their office chairs their most used piece of furniture; however, the majority of people don’t take a lot of care in choosing their office chairs. Often, an office chair is just whatever happened […]